Achieve 90:90 in PTE Speaking with these speaking secrets!

Do you often wonder how people get 90 in PTE speaking easily?

Here, we will share the secrets that will help you manage your stress in the speaking module. If you also want to achieve 90 in your speaking, read till the end. Mainly, speaking in the PTE section will be judged based on your content, oral fluency, and pronunciation.


We always suggest you to cover all the key points, link your notes with each other and always speak with introduction and conclusion in the tasks – Describe Image and Re-tell Lecture. If you can give some examples, it’s just like a cherry on the top.


Don’t speak in short cuts. Don’t speak in a rush. Make clear sounds of vowels and consonant, s/es sounds, and ed sounds. Also, don’t stress too much on words because the thick breathing sound will reduce the clarity of the spoken words. Also, try to work on the plosives – ph/kh/th sounds – these sounds are very important to increase your pronunciation score!


Speak with your normal pace and tone, without hesitation or repetitions. One tip we would always give is that don’t correct your mistakes during the exam. Just let it be and try not to make the same mistake again. The last and important thing is rhythm and it should be smooth. Don’t just say words for the sake of reading, actually understand the content and read it. Always try to speak words in meaningful chunks (especially in Read Aloud and Repeat Sentence – the two most important tasks in the Speaking test).

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Also, there are few tips specially given by our PTE tutors for re-tell lecture.

  1. Listen

Firstly, in Re-tell Lecture, which is one of the important tasks of the PTE test, our PTE experts recommend you to listen carefully and understand the topic. Because if you focus on the content by writing the keywords and understand the information being presented, It will be super easy for you to re-tell and explain in your own words. Also, sometimes, an image is given alongside the audio. Try to ignore the image and focus on the spoken words. Work on your note-taking skills and try to note words in shorthand. Also, write in big and bold handwriting so that you don’t have trouble reading your own words.

  1. Take notes

This is the most important step where you need to write a few keywords during the audio. The first thing you need to take care is to write clearly. Most of the students write in a hurry, and end up not understanding their own notes. And this will only result in mistakes and unnecessary hesitation while retelling the content.

  1. Retell with good fluency

Now, this is the main part of the Re-tell Lecture task where you need to speak the keywords with a proper format. There are a number of templates present on the internet, but our trainers specially suggest you to follow the ones with which you can speak more keywords. Here is the secret that you must speak more keywords, so that you get more marks in the content part.

Lastly, there is a tip for students who struggle with listening, because in your speaking, your Repeat sentence task and the task of Re-tell Lecture is based on your listening skills, as you need to listen to the content first and then repeat. But there are many students who often have a listening problem and miss the most important keywords which give you good marks in Listening. For such students, we always recommend practicing listening to native speakers and podcasts from YouTube channels like Ted Talks and the Scientific American website – and improve your understanding skills. But the good part about PTE Speaking is, even if you miss on some content, you still can get good marks for your pronunciation and fluency. So, don’t give up and just keep practicing because you know how the old saying goes – “Practice makes a man perfect”.

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All the best with your PTE preparation!


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