What’s stopping you from getting your desired PTE score?

It’s only natural to think that if you are a fluent English speaker, you will easily do well in any English language test considering you know the grammar, you have the fluency and maybe you can brush up a little for the spellings. However, you are in for a rude awakening if you go into the PTE exam with this mindset. There are many reasons to not get your dream score in the PTE, and some don’t even have much to do with your actual English language abilities. Here are some such obstacles that can come in your way of getting your desired score.

Preparing in Non-Exam Conditions

Practising is very clearly the best way to score well in your PTE exam. Constant and structures prepping will give you an advantage when writing your test. However, you must know that preparing for the PTE is unlike the preparation required for any other test. It isn’t simply a test for which you can read up on the practice material and directly write what you remember.

There are many factors in a PTE test that need to be taken under consideration. One example is how usually in any exam you would have given, the environment is quiet and there is absolutely no disturbance. Everyone around you is also quietly focusing on the test they’re taking. However, that is not true for a PTE test.

There is constant noise and chatter when you’re sitting in the examination hall. Often, you will find the audio being played to you has background noises as well.

The test requires the students to talk out loud very often, as there is a big speaking component to the test. This means that while you are given headphones, you will still face a ton of disturbance from the other test takers around you and there is not much you can do about that. You will just have to deal with people describing an image or retelling a lecture all around you, which will take you off track unless you were already prepared for it. Just by reading this, at least you are aware of this fact which already puts you in a better place.

If you request to be seated in a different place to avoid the noise, this will only lead to you being more stressed and wasting your time. It’s best to avoid asking the facilitators and just continue with the test to the best of your ability. And if you prepared fully aware of this, then you will not be that affected by it. That is why experts will often tell you that focus is the most important aspect of a

PTE exam.

Failure in setting a goal for the test

As everything else in life, setting an end goal can prove to be of great importance. PTE is no different. It is much easier to attempt the test if you have a clear reason for giving the exam and know exactly what you want at the end of it. This will help streamline all the of practice you will be undertaking weeks before the test.

 As I mentioned before, practice is the way to being perfect in the PTE. However, just random and unstructured practice will not get you anywhere. You will miss out on the important questions that need more focus, and you will not be able to determine exactly where you need more help. You will probably get more stressed as the date gets closer when you begin to realize that you have not practised as much as you needed to.

  Practising without feedback or evaluation is often not as productive. Just reading all the questions available to you and passively answering with the hope that you will be able to do it better in the exam is the path to failure.

 Setting a clear goal at the beginning can help you follow a specified route which will make your practice much easier. If you need to score an 8 band or a 90/90 in your PTE test, then you must know that you need to practice a lot. It is porbably best for you to get a tutor who can guide you through the entire process because the only way to get 90 in PTE is to know and understand the exam format from head to toe. Once you understand that, then you can practice on your grammar, fluency and spellings.

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When it comes to studying, a lot of us can relate to procrastinating until the last minute. It’s commonly known to negatively impact your results as it causes you to study very late, and not deliver as well as you could have if you had studied earlier. This applies to preparing for your PTE as well.

Constant practice is very important for the PTE as the chances of you forgetting formats and structures of the different tasks in the test is highly likely. Even if you don’t need to study for long hours in a day, it is more important that you practice for a few hours but on a daily basis for a few weeks before your exam.

 A lot of people will think they have 2-3 months to prepare, and hence will keep putting it off until the last minute. This delay of practice is an obstacle in your getting a perfect score.

 This is another reason why most people opt for a coaching course because that is bound to keep you on track. Unless you are extremely disciplined about your practice, you will probably lose a few marks here and there without joining a course. 

Wrong Practices

Some would say that there is no wrong way t o practice, just as long as you are practicing a lot. However, this doesn’t exactly hold true for the PTE examination.

Many times, people tend to just grab whatever they see and focus on that for a second until they see another thing and move on. For example, you find a practice sheet for PTE and decide to practice from there. But the next day you see an article such as “6 things to do before your PTE test”, then you quickly switch over and start practicing according to that article. Then, you come across another website with techniques and tips of how to get 90 in PTE and you quickly move on to that. It’s also possible that you have a friend who aced the PTE test and you just want to blindly follow their routine for practising. However, everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to PTE. What was difficult for them might be easy for you. So, you will be wasting time just following their practice routine instead of building one specific to you.

 This kind of practice has no structure and form and will likely cause you to practice what you already know very well and more importantly it will lead to a lot of important information being left out.

 The PTE is a completely compute based test, which means you have to give answers according to the decided rules of the software. A lot of students think as long as they know English and do basic practice, they can do well. But PTE requires you to give answers according to the software, which might not always be the best English answer.

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