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A One Australia Education Group presents Free NAATI Mock Test

A One Australia Education Group offers you an online NAATI Malayalam Mock Test where you can assess your preparation for the NAATI CCL Exam and receive a personalized feedback report from our experts for all languages.

Education - Practice test for the NAATI CCL Malayalam (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) community language certification. At our Melbourne branch, we provide NAATI mock tests. Additionally, there is the online alternative as well for your convenience.

We are providing this unique service to students at very affordable prices to assist them get ready for the new online exam style. Use this chance to test your preparations whether you're enrolled in coaching or are preparing independently.

The NAATI Malayalam Mock test online format includes personalized feedback, performance assessment feedback based on NAATI CCL parameters, and video of the exam session that can be seen and analyzed. We offer NAATI CCL Malayalam Mock Tests with relevant topics and provide guidance to assist you prepare with all the flexible timings

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  • We offer seven NAATI mock test languages
  • You can take up to 3 Mock Tests
  • You will feel like real test atmosphere
  • You will certainly obtain your results (consisting of marks as well as enhancement tips) within 42 hrs of the test offered.
  • Your level of preparedness will only be shown by these results.
  • Extra vocabulary Skills pertaining to Mock test.


The best NAATI Malayalam mock tests in Australia are offered by A One Australia Education Group. Our institute offers certification services and helps meet the demand in the community for individuals to connect and communicate with one another.


Those looking to apply for an Australia point-based visa usually require the NAATI CCL. Students can gain 5 points for Australian immigration by taking the NAATI Mock test.


Two dialogue sets are exchanged between English speakers and speakers of languages other than English (LOTE) as part of the exam's framework. There will be a break in the test so you can record your translation of the dialogue. By taking a mock test on our website, you can find out your level of preparation and receive an accurate score with suggestions for improvement.

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It can be difficult to prepare for the CCL exam given the limited test material that is currently available online, but it can be made easier if you use our website to take CCL Mock Tests on a regular basis and use smart study techniques. We fill this gap, simulate the test's practical experience and make the test preparation process easier by doing all of this.

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