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Professional Year Accounting

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Professional Year Accounting

An employment readiness programme recognised by the Department of Home Affairs is the Accounting Professional Year Program (Accounting PYP) (DHA). Foreign students with an Australian accounting degree who have studied at an Australian university for at least two years are eligible to apply.

The programme assures participants to accomplish relevant accounting tasks and gives participants valuable professional experience in recognised Australian organizations. The professional development and hands-on learning are centered on getting ready for work, including understanding the culture, ethics, and expectations.

How Professional Year in Accounting helps you shape your future?

Are you a recent graduate from an Australian institution with a degree in international accounting who wants to begin a job? Are you struggling with the tough employment market and complicated immigration options?

With a professional year provider, you can fulfill your goals and. According to our 35,000 graduates, a PYP is the best way to get ready for a job in accounting in Australia.

By assisting our students in earning far more than just migration points, we have been helping students to get the best accounting professional Year programs in Australia. We are committed to improving the employment environment for graduates from abroad since we are aware of how difficult it may be

Our main goal is to assist you in becoming more than just job ready. We'll help you give a platform to start your accounting career in Australia by integrating employability training, and workplace expertise through multiple py program organizations. The Professional Year accounting programme helps students achieve great programme and career choices

Due to our strong reputation and excellent programme results, we are now one of the best providers of the Accounting Professional Year Program. Melbourne is the place where we provide the Accounting Professional Year

The Accounting PYP includes

A minimum of 44 weeks of training, including 32 weeks of classroom instruction and a 12-week internship placement that offers valuable work experience in an authorized Australian workplace while completing relevant accounting tasks, as well as professional development and hands-on learning that is specifically geared towards workplace readiness: expectations, ethics, and culture recognition as a route for those with 485 visas seeking to immigrate permanently under general skilled migration (GSM)

More points may be awarded for successfully completing the Accounting PYP in the GSM points test

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Why Choose us for the Professional Year Accounting?


Work Experience

In our Professional Year Program, you get an opportunity of interning with Australian companies where you get practical knowledge of your field. This helps you know how different tasks are to be performed.
Practical knowledge is always valued more, and this makes you stand out from other candidates.


How to Approach Companies

Our Professional Year Program trains you how to approach different companies for job opportunities. It is essential to know how to approach companies as to when approached correctly; this increases your chances of being called for the interview.


Networking Opportunities

In our Professional Year Program, you are getting an opportunity of interning with firms in your field. This way, your network with the professionals from your field, and this increases your opportunities for getting good jobs.

All our courses are totally non-refundable. Kindly make up your mind and ask all questions before making any payment. Thank you.