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Professional Year Program

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Professional Year Program

A One Australia Education Group is helping to find Professional Year Programs for IT/ Engineering/ Accounting to graduate students, which will help them enhance their employment opportunities. A One Australia Education Group’s Professional Year Program intends to offer all the candidates the knowledge and skills, making their task easy to find their dream job.

There are some specific skills and knowledge that a company looks for and a candidate possessing those skills helps them stand out from others.This Professional Year Course will help you inculcate these skills and knowledge for you to get your desired job.

International graduates can flourish in their chosen fields and find jobs due to the program's skills training. If completed successfully, one is eligible for immigration points towards permanent residency.

International graduates from Australian tertiary institutions can improve their professional opportunities by participating in our PYear Program. PYear, a practical approach from college to employment, assures that graduates are prepared for the work.

Graduates are eligible for five points under a highly qualified profession

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has determined that the PYear graduate may receive five (5) points under a qualified skilled occupation for completing this programme.

Professional Year Course

After graduating from an accredited university, our Professional Year Course in Australia offers formal education and real-world work experience to international students. This professional year online course’s one-year curriculum is currently offered in the accounting, engineering, and information technology fields. When compared to other industries, these fields have a comparatively high demand for competent graduates.

Do you wish to learn one of the success secrets? Lifelong education and personal growth are indeed the key. One of the best methods to thrive in your chosen career is to put in the time and effort necessary to upgrade your present skill sets and qualifications.

Professional Year Online

Our Consultants recommend that you enrol in the Professional Year Course if you want to improve your employability by gaining valuable work experience, earn more credentials, advance your knowledge and understanding of your chosen profession, comprehend the culture of the Australian workforce, and improve your professional communication abilities.

At one of our branches, Professional Year Program Melbourne, you can enroll in the programme of your dreams. Here, we make sure that after you graduate, you have all the practical skills you need to compete successfully in the Australian job market.

What benefits does the PYP offer?


For a better future, the candidates can enrol in professional-year accounting, professional-year IT, and professional-year engineering courses. After finishing the Professional Year Course, a candidate will gain in a variety of ways:

  • A professional year graduate will be eligible for 5 points under the Department of Home Affairs' skilled occupation category
  • Your practical skills will improve and the internship will increase your prospects of finding work in Australia
  • You gain knowledge of appropriate business behavior and communication within workplace
  • Get the necessary work experience in a company in Australia.

What are the PYP's primary eligibility requirements?

To be eligible to participate in the Professional Year Course, a person must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Should be an Australian graduate in accounting, engineering, or IT
  • A temporary graduate visa is required (Subclass 485)
  • Must be younger than 50 years old
  • Must have the skills Assessment if required
  • Must possess the necessary skills

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Why Choose us for the Professional Year Program?


Work Experience

In our Professional Year Program, you get an opportunity of interning with Australian companies where you get practical knowledge of your field. This helps you know how different tasks are to be performed.
Practical knowledge is always valued more, and this makes you stand out from other candidates.


How to Approach Companies

Our Professional Year Program trains you how to approach different companies for job opportunities. It is essential to know how to approach companies as to when approached correctly; this increases your chances of being called for the interview.


Networking Opportunities

In our Professional Year Program, you are getting an opportunity of interning with firms in your field. This way, your network with the professionals from your field, and this increases your opportunities for getting good jobs.

All our courses are totally non-refundable. Kindly make up your mind and ask all questions before making any payment. Thank you.