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Professional Year Program

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Professional Year Program

One Australia Education Group is offering Professional Year Programs for a IT/ Engineering/ Accounting graduate students, which will help them enhance their employment opportunities. A One Australia Education Group’s Professional Year Program intends to offer all the candidates the knowledge and skills, making their task easy to find their dream job. There are some specific skills and knowledge that a company looks for and a candidate possessing those skills helps them stand out from others. A One Australia Education Professional Year Course will help you inculcate these skills and knowledge for you to get your desired job.

What is the Professional Year Program?

The Professional Year Program has been designed for international students in Australia who have cleared graduation. This program provides formal education and practical work experience to the students. This is a one year program which is present for three fields as on now which are: Engineering, IT and Accounting.
The professional year program gives international students an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills in their chosen field and find themselves better employment. This program gives a kick start to your career in your chosen field as after completing this course, job opportunities increase for you in Australia.

Professional Year Program In Australia

Professional year program in Australia has been offered for three fields: Accounting, IT and Engineering. The demand for skilled professionals is more in these fields; that is why this program is designed for these fields as of now. This program was introduced with the motive that there is no shortage of the supply for skilled Accounting, IT and Engineering professionals in the market.

Accounting Professional Year Program

Accounting professional year program has been designed to motivate where international accounting students who have graduated from Australian Universities get practical knowledge in the accounting stream. In this program, they are offered internships where they get all the practical knowledge about their field, which makes them seek knowledge and prepare them for a corporate job. This program opens many doors for the students in terms of good job opportunities.

Professional Year Program IT

IT is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia. The demand for highly skilled IT professionals have increased with that competition for acquiring good jobs has also increased. Professional year program has been designed in a way where international students in Australia get an opportunity of gaining practical knowledge and to equip themselves with the silks in the internship program which make them stand out in the market.

Professional Year Program Engineering

It is essential to have a thorough knowledge in the engineering field. In engineering, practical knowledge is something which is considered the most. On this basis, companies make a decision about whether to recruit you or not?
Professional year program in engineering gives you the advantage of gaining this practical knowledge and even gives you the benefit of getting an experience of the workplace environment. This makes your profile powerful and increases your chances of getting good job offers.

What are the Benefits Of PYP?

  • The professional year program helps you fetch extra VISA points for Australia
  • This program brings you internship opportunities which increases your practical knowledge in your field
  • This program improves your communication skills and boosts your confidence for presenting yourself in from of professionals
  • This program gets you an opportunity of witnessing the work environment of Australia companies and how to act in that work environment
  • This program adds value to your CV and makes you stand out from other candidates in the market
  • This program helps you build your network with industry people
  • This program trains you about how to approach companies for job opportunities

What is The Basic Eligibility Criteria for PYP?

  • Candidate should have graduate degree in- Accounting, IT or Engineering
  • Applicant should have an overall 6 bands for Post Study Work Stream 485
  • Candidate should be less than the age of 50 years
  • Must have the skills Assessment if required

Why Choose us for the Professional Year Program?


Work Experience

In our Professional Year Program, you get an opportunity of interning with Australian companies where you get practical knowledge of your field. This helps you know how different tasks are to be performed.
Practical knowledge is always valued more, and this makes you stand out from other candidates.


How to Approach Companies

Our Professional Year Program trains you how to approach different companies for job opportunities. It is essential to know how to approach companies as to when approached correctly; this increases your chances of being called for the interview.


Networking Opportunities

In our Professional Year Program, you are getting an opportunity of interning with firms in your field. This way, your network with the professionals from your field, and this increases your opportunities for getting good jobs.

All our courses are totally non-refundable. Kindly make up your mind and ask all questions before making any payment. Thank you.