Top Courses that open the door for Permanent Residency in Australia

Permanent Residency is a dream for many aspirants, and today we will be highlighting a few courses which may open up various employment opportunities for international students around the globe.

✅ Trade

First in our list is the top choice for many international students in Australia as this one is the easiest to enroll in and cost-effective. Also, many Australian institutes and colleges offer trade qualifications that can help you get a diploma or certificate III/ IV in welding, carpentry, plumbing, and many more fields. The key point is that the trade qualification will cost you around AUD $12,000 to 14,000 per year, which is actually way less than a degree course at a university level. However, this qualification gets the brownie points, and that is that the students may get eligible for the Permanent Residency in fewer points as well.

✅ Computer and Information Technology

Well, we have good news for all the techies, as Australia is considered the top destination in the world for technical education. Hence, if you are really enthusiastic about learning technical skills, then we will definitely suggest these courses. The main benefit of earning this education is not only will you be eligible for the PR list, but also you are going to have a higher paycheck following your passion.

✅ Nursing

Last but not least, when it comes to the health-care industry, nursing is one of the favorable options for many international students. Also, Courses like Nursing in Community Health, Mental Health, Child Care, and Family Health will be the top priorities according to Australian Immigration. According to the latest reports of Australia’s Future Health Workforce, Australia is required to fill almost 123,00 nurses by 2030.

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