Answer Short Questions-PTE Speaking

You will listen to a question; and you must give a short response to the question. The person responding to this PTE task of Short Answer Questions will be given about 10 seconds to respond.


  • Speak clearly in your normal tone.
  • Say your entire response before the progress bar is completed. 
  • You can only record your response once, so be as accurate as you can. 

How do you respond to this task?

  • When you are answering the question for this task, start speaking as soon as the recording status box starts recording. Your response should be short, in most cases just 1 or 2 words. If you wait for longer than 3 seconds, the recording will stop and your silence will be recorded as your response for that question. This means you will lose those points. 
  • Do not try to give a long answer. Usually, the questions are very straightforward and do not require long answers. There isn’t a penalty for saying a sentence, however it is a complete waste of time, because no additional marks are given for more words. To get a good score, answer in a short and accurate manner. For example, for a question like “Which direction does the sun rise from?”, saying just “East” will be scored the same as “The sun rises in the east”. 
  • Listen to the question carefully as it will not be repeated and answer very patiently and accurately because you will not be allowed to try again. 


Your ability to grasp a question offered in a recording and ability to provide a concise and accurate response will be assessed in your Answer Short Question response. The appropriateness of the words in your response determines whether your response is correct or incorrect. No credit will be provided if there is no response or if the response is inaccurate.


  • Listening, speaking and vocabulary scores will be impacted by this task.
  • Your writing and reading skills are not tested by this question type.

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