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Global Talent VISA

Global Talent VISA's main goal is to attract highly talented individuals from targeted industries to settle in Australia.

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Global Talent VISA has been divided into two parts:

1. Global Talent Independent Program Visa (GTI)
2. Global Talent Employers Sponsored (GTES)
✅ Every year 15000 places are made available for highly skilled and talented individuals in one of ten (10) priority sectors in Australia.
Benefits of Global Talent VISA:
✅ You will receive priority processing of your visa.
✅ There is also no age limit for applicants.
✅ You do not need an Australian employer to sponsor you with a job.
✅ It is NOT a point tested visa.
✅ You do not need exceptional English skills. You are only required to score 4.5 on the IELTS International English Language Test or similar.
✅ You can be residing in Australia or offshore when you apply.
✅ This visa allows you to stay in Australia permanently.
✅ You can live and work anywhere in Australia indefinitely.
✅ You may enrol in Australia’s public health care program.
✅ Your children will receive free State schooling.

Eligibility Criteria for Global Talent VISA

You should be highly talented and skilled in one of the following sectors:

✅ Resources
✅ AGRI Food and AG Technology
✅ Energy
✅ Health Industry
✅ Defence, Advanced manufacturing and space
✅ Circular economy
✅ Digitech
✅ Infrastructure and tourism
✅ Financial services and fintech
✅ Education
✅ Your current salary should be AUD 153,600 or more
✅ You must be a high performing recent PhD holder in one of the target sectors.
✅ As a part of your application, it is necessary that you should be sponsored by a person who has a national reputation in the same field as you and is
✅ An eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident
✅ Eligible New Zealand citizen
✅ An Australian organisation with a national reputation in relation to your area of talent.

Who Could Be A Nominator?

✅ Employer
✅ An industry colleague
✅ An academic colleague
✅ Or even an industry body.
✅ The Australian Computer Science Society (ACS) will nominate individuals with a technology focus who do not have a nominator. However, you will first need to obtain your unique identifier and then email the ACS to advise on the next steps.

Pre-VISA Application Requirements:

Before applying for this category of VISA, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for getting considered under with the Global Talent Independent Program.
✅ If you meet the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you will be provided with a unique identifier number (UIN) which provides priority processing for a Distinguished Talent visa application.
✅ Once you receive a unique identifier number that means you are now invited to apply for the VISA

Global Talent VISA Application:

Global Talent Visa Australia is for highly talented applicants in their skill globally and are not covered by a temporary skills shortage program, which is also known as 482 working visa / TSS.
Global Talent Visa Australia allows employers to sponsor overseas workers for highly skilled niche positions that cannot be filled:
✅ By Australian workers or
✅ Through other standard visa programs – particularly the Short-term stream and Medium-term stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa / 482 work visa.
A One Australia Education Group will help you through the whole procedure, where our VISA Consultant team will guide you through the process of VISA application for Global Talent.