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For the PTE listening Highlight Incorrect Word task, you will see a transcript of a recording on your screen. Some words in that transcript are incorrect and do not match with the audio. You must identify the incorrect word which is different from what is being said.  

To select the word you think is incorrect, you must simply click on that word. 

How do you respond to this task?

  • Skim through the transcription once quickly in the time before the recording begins. If any key idea or word jumps out at you, then have that in mind when you listen to the recording. 
  • Once you know the general idea of the spoken text, eliminate any words you think do not fit under that topic. 
  • This is one listening task where it might be more beneficial to look at the screen rather than make notes. Move through the text as the audio is playing and as soon as you hear a word that does not match, make the correction quickly. 
  • Based on previous questions, you can be sure that a grammatical word is hardly ever the incorrect word.


Your ability to listen for and highlight the words that are different between a recording and a transcription is evaluated in your response to the Highlight Incorrect Words task.

Each word that you select is given either a correct or an incorrect score. You will obtain the maximum score points for this question type if all of the selected words are correct. Partial credit is given if one or more picked words are wrong.

One point is subtracted for each incorrect option selected, while one point is awarded for each correct option. Make sure you’re comfortable with your decisions.


  • This task only scores you based on listening and reading; your writing and speaking scores are not affected by this task. 

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