How to book NAATI CCL Test Online? (2023)

How you can book NAATI test Online

The Community Credential Language Examination (NAATI CCL Examination) tests your proficiency in both your native tongue and English at the community degree level. When evaluating applicants, the examiner considers how well they can translate discourse from LOTE (Language Other Than English) to LOTE and vice versa. You get 5 PR factors on passing this NAATI CCL examination. Using your myNAATI account, you can reserve NAATI CCL Test booking dates online. In order to reserve the NAATI CCL Examination Online, you must adhere to a few NAATI policies.

The charge called for publication of the NAATI CCL Exam Online is 800$.

Steps on how to book NAATI CCL test dates

By using this procedure we can book NAATI test online

✅ Sign in to myNAATI, create an account, and update your details.

✅ Post a shade picture as well as ID proof (ticket or driving permit) for confirmation and send it.

✅ If your application is approved, NAATI will send you an email.

✅ Select your test day and location after logging in with your account credentials..

✅ Pay your exam fees next with a credit card or a direct deposit.

✅ Your test date will be confirmed following the settlement.

✅ As you finish the NAATI CCL Examination, you will certainly get the outcome using e-mail. The NAATI CCL Test results are published 8 to 10 weeks after the test.

Passing the NAATI CCL Test will certainly give you 5 PR points, which will help you  obtain Australian permanent residency (PR). 

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As soon as you complete the exam, the result of the examination will be sent out to you via email. You receive five reward factors for your point-based immigration application if you pass the NAATI CCL Exam.

However, you can try again or request a recheck if you fail the exam. Whereas, the test can be taken again, or you can request a remark if you don’t pass it the first time.

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