IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Score Band 9.0


In this blog, we’ll discuss how to achieve IELTS Writing Task 2 with a band 8 or, perhaps a band 9 score. This article also explains how to get an 8 or above on IELTS General Writing Task 2. Continue reading for IELTS Writing Tips on Task 2 for Band 9 suggestions, an analysis of the distinctions in between 8 and also 9, as well as general advice on how to get a leading score on Task 2.


Leading IELTS Band 9 Tips for Writing Task 2.

Whether you require a Band 8 or Band 9 on Writing Task 2, we advise selecting a 9. Shoot as high as you can if you want to obtain the best grade! Here are the top Band 9 recommendations we have, ordered in the order you should put them into practise. (You can likewise think about these as actions to a winning score!).


1. Analyze The Question Carefully

Examine the entire question thoroughly so that you can respond to each section. This is a very easy initial step towards a top IELTS Writing task 2 rating, yet it’s also a simple action to miss out on. And also it’s so crucial! You can be a fantastic author and still obtain reduced marks on IELTS Writing Task 2 if you don’t effectively check out the question and address it totally. Task response is the most important criteria in achieving a high band score in IELTS


2. Plan Out Your Essay

Establish a strong base for your essay by doing some prewriting. Jot down your ideas as you brainstorm them. After that, select the concepts that will certainly be a part of your essay and write a really short overview that shows the concepts in the order they’ll show up. Here are some crucial recommendations to keep in mind when you do this.


✅ Your essay should typically have 2 body paragraphs, so you’ll intend to pick 2 crucial suggestions that can act as subjects for these paragraphs.

✅ Having separate lines for each main point in your notes is helpful.

✅ Your brainstorming notes can be very basic, yet they should be very easy to convert into a fully written essay, full with an introduction, final thought, and also body paragraphs with descriptions and instances.


3. Modify Your Sentence Structuring

Syntax is essential. Sentences ought to demonstrate great grammar. Excellent grammar is varied. This idea isn’t fun to read.

The four sentences above show why you must have varied grammar. If your sentences vary in length and also structure, they will certainly be far more enjoyable to review, and also they’ll display your fluency in English. This consequently will help you truly excite the IELTS Writing markers as well as obtain you top marks; see just how that functions?.

Simply put, terrific grammar is essential to getting an 8+ in either variation of the IELTS. This is true if you are questioning exactly how to get 8 in IELTS General Writing task 2, or if you’re going for a complete 9 in IELTS Writing task 2 Academic!


4. Utilizing Transitions

Both variation in grammar and variety in vocabulary are important. And also, while it is essential to vary your option of words in general, the most vital words you’ll select are the changes. Strong shifts do not just link concepts; they also make it really clear how the suggestions in your Task 2 action are connected.

If you’d like to see examples of solid transitions as well as reliable word usage, A One Australia has you covered!


5. Double-Check Your Tasks.

Handle your time very carefully as well as try to have about 5 mins left after you first write your essay. This ought to be enough time for you to go back, check your task, as well as add little enhancements for one last boost to your rating in IELTS Writing Task 2.


How to Improve IELTS Writing: How to Score a Band 8+

So I have actually just strolled you through methods to intend specifically for the really top band. But there are various other pushing concerns when it pertains to obtaining a score in the 8-9 array. Let me give you the solution to a few of the inquiries I listen to frequently from pupils.


How do I keep myself off-topic in IELTS writing task 2?

If you write your IELTS Writing task 2 off topic, even a little, it can considerably injure your score, especially in the area of task Achievement on the main IELTS Writing task 2 rubric (PDF). The technique is to see to it you completely understand the concern, addressing each part both fully as well as properly. It may aid to underline or otherwise keep in mind the keywords in the inquiry. You ought to additionally review the question during your brainstorming action, to see to it you are focused on the inquiry’s true significance.


How To Improve My IELTS Writing Task 2

“How to boost IELTS Writing Task 2” actually is a big-picture inquiry. Whether you’re trying to discover just how to obtain 8 in IELTS General Writing task 2 or how to rack up high in the Academic IELTS, look for as many details as feasible. A One Australia’s guide to improve IELTS academic writing task 2 is a great place to start!

The next vital thing you can do as you proceed from there is to learn the art of practice. As you do this, don’t fail to remember to check out sample top-scoring essays, replicating them in your very own method.


Final Words on Getting an 8 on IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 or General Writing Task 2

I want to emphasize once more that setting high goals is the greatest method to achieve a top IELTS score for Writing Task. This is why, even if the score you truly need is lower, we advise aiming for a band 9. So keep IELTS Band 9 in mind as you do the following:


✅ Stay clear of making your IELTS Writing Task 2 off topic.

✅ Brainstorm and structure your essay.

✅ Establish solid paragraphs and also different sentences.

✅ Beneficial word choices and transitions.

✅ Utilize your time wisely.

✅ example experiments

✅ Seek for feedback.


Additionally remember, obviously, that your Writing task 2 rating is only fifty percent of your total IELTS Writing rating.


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