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A One Australia Education Group presents PTE Mock Test packages!

Did you know that the average PTE test taker takes the test at least
4 to 5 times before getting their desired score?

If you don’t want to take the PTE-A test multiple times and want to clear it in 1 shot, before you book the actual PTE-A test for $375, take our PTE scored mock tests available at less than 1/10th the test price and prepare yourself with accurate AI scoring with analytics!

Don’t wait - buy now!  Trust the name which has helped more than 20000+ students worldwide get their desired PTE score - A One Australia Education Group!


  • If your target score is 50+ EACH, we recommend buying the Bronze Pack with 3 scored mock tests.
  • You get 3 Tests
$19 /-


  • If your target score is 65+ EACH, we recommend buying the Silver Pack with 5 scored mock tests.
  • You get 5 Tests
A$29 /-


  • If your target score is 79+ EACH, we recommend buying the Gold Pack with 10 scored mock tests.
  • You get 10 Tests
A$45 /-


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PTE Prediction File

  • Get free access to the latest PTE prediction file
  • Questions related to all the sections: Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading

NAATI Material

  • Get access to free NAATi study material
  • Languages covered under free study material:
    • Spanish
    • Sinhalese
    • Punjabi
    • Hindi
  • Things included in the study material for all the four language
    • Dialogue
    • Vocabulary