Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer-PTE Listening

For this task, you will hear a certain recording and you must select all the responses that are accurately suitable to that recording’s content. There is always more than one correct response for the Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer PTE task. 

To select a response, you must simple click on checkbox next to the response. 

Strategies and Tips 

  • The first thing you need to do is know how this task is scored. You gain a point for every correct response that is ticked and lose a point for every incorrect response. This means that it is not a good strategy to select all the options available, as it will usually just give you a score of zero.
  • Time management is of great importance in this task as well. In the few seconds you have before the recording plays, read the question given to you and prepare to take notes. If you select as you listen, you will miss out on some statements because they are not being told in the same order as the questions.
  • Words or phrases that you hear in the recording might also be in the options but that does not mean they are the correct options. Be careful to focus on meaning rather than similarity of words between the recording and options. 
  • PTE listening multiple choice, multiple answer practice must include a lot of questions from previous tests as that can help you get familiar with the task.


Your ability to analyse, understand, and evaluate a short audio or video recording on an academic subject is assessed in the Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers section. If all of your answers are correct, you will obtain the highest possible score for this question type. 

Partial scoring will be applied if a certain part of your answer is correct but the other is incorrect. 

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer is one of few PTE tasks where there is negative marking. Hence, it becomes very important that you are confident in the responses you give. 


  • This task only scores you based on listening; your reading, writing and speaking scores are not affected by this task. 

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