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With the FREE PTE-A exam memories, you can have FREE access to all the repeated PTE material. Practising with these questions will help you ace the PTE-A Exam! The likelihood of the same questions being asked in the exam is extremely high, thus you are more than ready to achieve your dream score!

PTE prediction file June 2023 - July 2023

The PTE prediction file includes high-frequency exam questions with a 70% recurrence rate in the current month's exam. It comprises of Answer short questions, write from dictation, retell lecture, summarise spoken and written text, essay topics, and repeat sentences. For all major PTE-related questions, please refer to our PTE online coaching .

Despite the fact that all the major questions are covered in our PTE Academic Online Coaching, but our PTE prediction file pdf can be used to practice important questions with paying a penny. As a result, if you have sufficient time to prepare, it is strongly advised that you practice all of the questions from the PTE prediction file. This prediction file for PTE preparation is for those who are looking for an efficient way to practice PTE with useful insights.Try out all the real exam questions from our PTE exam prediction file!


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Frequently asked questions about PTE Examination

PTE score is valid for Australia and New Zealand. PTE is valid for all the universities across the world if applied for a student visa.
(Please check with your respective university/college before taking PTE if they accept PTE scores.)

No, it is being reviewed by the computer.

The experts recommend anywhere between 45-60 days.

Yes, we do. Click on the below link to register for the free demo class.
Yes, whichever plan you choose, you If I enroll in an offline class, can I also attend an online class?
will be eligible for both online and offline classes.

Yes we provide classes on Saturdays and Sundays

Yes, we do take the mock tests.

Register yourself under the following link, and you will be able to access the latest prediction file.

375 AUD

✅ Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based English language test given by those candidates who want to go abroad for further studies. This test examines your understanding of the English language.
✅ This test is divided into 4 parts which are Reading, Writing, Speaking and English. In this exam, candidates are marked between 10-90 points.
✅ PTE Test is divided into three parts
1. Speaking and Writing - (77 – 93 minutes)
2. Reading- (32 – 40 minutes)
3. Listening- (45 – 57 minutes)

Students are preferring taking the PTE test more. The reasons behind this are:
✅ In the PTE exam, your skills are assessed by an algorithm that mimics how human markers would score based on a substantial number of responses. What this means is that you’re graded only on what you say.
✅ When you take the PTE test, what you say is graded by AI against thousands of previous responses. What this means is that you’re graded only on what you say.
✅ Thanks to the use of market-leading technology, PTE offers all test takers incredible flexibility. Test taker results are typically within just 48 hours of taking the test and PTE offers global testing in more than 350 test centers in over 70 countries.

✅ PTE can be done by all those candidates who are willing to migrate abroad for further studies.
✅ Candidates willing to give the PTE exam should be at least 16 years old. Candidates below 18 years of age need to take a parental consent form signed by either parents or guardians before taking the test. Candidates can download the consent form from the official website of the PTE Academic Exam.

✅ Highly experienced tutors
✅ Flexible class timings
✅ Unlimited mock tests
✅ Apps support for material
✅ One to one feedback

Click on the link below to know about our different packages of PTE coaching fees.

Click on the link below to access our free PTE practice material:

Click on this link, and you will be able to download our PTE Ninja app for free PTE practice material.

To get 8 each for maximum pr points, one needs to get 79 each, to get 7 each 65 each, 6 each 50 each

We don’t have any refund policy; We recommend you to make sure you confirm before the payment.

Once you enroll in the course, you can not cancel. We recommend you to be sure before enrolling in the course

We are offering coaching for all three categories, which are: PTE, NAATI, and IELTS. All these categories also have online coaching. With this, we are offering Professional Year Program services and migration services.

To book PTE Academic, you must first create a Pearson account on the Pearson PTE website. Once you have created your Pearson account, you can check availability and book your test.

PTE is considered to be one the quickest and easiest examination to gain PR points and nursing registration in Australia

Most Canadian universities and colleges accept PTE Academic. It's the best choice to help you obtain your Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute.

PTE Academic results are typically available within 5 business days.

The range for the overall PTE Score is between 10 and 90 points. There is no set good score for PTE.

You can opt for the PTE test as many times as you want, there are no limits.

The PTE Academic exam is widely accepted across universities/colleges in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

All our courses are totally non-refundable. Kindly make up your mind and ask all questions before making any payment. Thank you.