Fill in the Blanks-PTE Listening

For the PTE listening Fill in the Blanks task, you will see a transcript of a recording appearing on your screen with blanks or gaps in them. You must fill in those gaps with words that fit the sentence appropriately after listening to the recording. 

This task is part of the Listening section of your PTE Academic test which scores you on your listening and writing ability. 

Strategies and tips for Fill in the Blanks

  • Before the recording begins, quickly skim through each sentence and gather the main message of the entire passage, ignoring the gaps. Note down some of the key words and phrases that you notice. Knowing the overall purpose of the text will allow you to recognize a word even though you might have not heard it or misheard it.
  • Make notes rather than answering as you hear the recording. Write down the word that you notice is missing in the text in legible handwriting so you can copy it as your response at the end. 
  • You need 100% of your attention on the recording if you want to do well in this task, because it will not be repeated. Especially when you reach a part of the audio that has a blank. 
  • Pay extra attention to blanks that are close to each other to make sure you don’t miss the second blank while focusing hard on the first one. 
  • Maintain grammatical sense. If the sentence ends with a full stop then the blank right after it will start with a capital letter. Make sure your response makes sense in terms of tenses. 


Fill in the Blanks is a test that assesses your ability to listen for missing words in an audio and write them into the given transcription. Scoring is mainly done based on the content, each word that you enter correctly increases your score.


  • This task only scores you based on listening and writing; your reading and speaking scores are not affected by this task. 

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