Re-order Paragraphs-PTE Reading

In the PTE Reorder Paragraphs task, you will around 4 or 5 texts or sentences appear on screen and you must arrange these sentences into a correct and logical order.

Strategies and tips for Re-order Paragraphs

  • Before you start thinking about re-ordering the texts, quickly skim through each sentence and gather the main message of the entire passage. Note down some of the key words and phrases that you notice. Knowing the overall purpose of the text will allow you to logically place each text in the order that they are supposed to go in.
  • Go through the entire paragraph to find out what sentence is a stand-alone sentence. This means that it makes complete sense without the need of other sentences and does not necessarily contain any links to other sentences. This is called the topic sentence and usually is the first sentence of the paragraph. 
  • Find similar words and phrases that you can see are connected and place them together. Usually, sentences that have years or dates come in the beginning. 
  • Remember that if the sentence is beginning with a “but” or an “and”, then it cannot be the first sentence of the paragraph. 
  • This can be a difficult task because it is challenging to pin point exactly which sentence goes where in an entire paragraph. However, with enough practice of the re-order paragraph questions in past PTE papers, you can get used to the kind of questions that are asked. 


Your ability to understand the organisation and cohesion of an academic work will be assessed as part of your Re-order Paragraphs response. You get the most points for this question type if all of the text boxes are in the correct sequence. Partial credit scoring is used if one or more text boxes are in the wrong order. 


  • This task only scores you based on reading; your listening, writing and speaking scores are not affected by this task. 

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