Repeat Sentence-PTE Speaking

In this task, you must repeat a sentence that is being played to you. You are given 3-9 seconds to read the sentence and prepare.


  • Speak clearly in your normal tone.
  • Say your entire response before the progress bar is completed. 
  • You can only record your response once, so be as accurate as you can. 

Importance of understanding the sentence 

  • When you listen to the sentence, listen to how it is phrased and its tonality. Since it is a short sentence, and not a paragraph, try to remember as much of the sentence such as how it was said, where the pauses were and copy it exactly to the best of your ability.
  • Understanding the sentence can be made easier if you divide the sentences into smaller phrases. This is a good way to practice repeat sentence tasks as well. If you are able to understand these smaller phrases, then your response will be a lot more accurate. Instead of comprehending the sentence as a whole, look for meaning in the phrases that you divide the sentence in. This will improve your chances of repeating the sentence accurately. 
  • Try to imitate the different stresses and pausing patterns of the sentence. Repeating the words exactly is the main goal, and copying the speaker’s intonation and use of stress on words can help you do that. 

Tips and tricks for Repeat Sentence in PTE: 

  • The most important thing to do is to practice with PTE mock tests daily 
  • Another simple tip is to watch and listen to English movies, music, shows, and videos from all across the world. Watching real life content allows you to get used to different accents and develops your English. 
  • Create a mental picture when the sentence is presented to you. When you start giving your response, picture that image. This will help you recollect the meaning of the sentence, and making some notes as well will improve your accuracy. 


Repeat Sentence scores are based on 3 factors:


  • Your response must include all the words in the text and must not include any additional words.
  • You get points for every correct word in your response. If you miss a word, change a word or add new words, it will reduce your score.

2.Oral fluency: 

  • Your response must be smooth, fluent and natural. 
  • Your tone, rhythm, accuracy, pauses and stresses are going to determine your score on this standard. 


  • Your speech must be similar to the natural way English speakers sound. 
  • Pronunciation scores will be determined by observing if what you’re saying will be understood by the majority of the regular English speakers.


  • For Repeat Sentence, partial credit is given. No credit is granted for no response or a response that is irrelevant. 
  • Your writing skills and reading skills are not being graded in this question. 

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