How to self-study for the PTE-Academic exam

Are you planning to crack PTE, but confused with your study plan?

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Based on our recent students’ experience, we often see cases where students face a dilemma about their self-study plans. In this PTE self-study tips article, we will help you all in order to develop a tight PTE schedule for yourself to crack the PTE in less time. Let’s check out a few main points to remember while making your own self-study plan.

Prioritise tasks and time management

The very first point which you need to focus on is on is understanding the format of the exam. Familiarise yourself with all the different question types so that you can prioritize all the major tasks. Then, you need to manage your time well so that you can utilise your time effectively and use your PTE skills in the real exam.

Practice Mock Tests

To know which tasks are most important and which tasks include partial negative marking, it is highly recommended to attempt a few mock tests accordingly. This will improve your confidence and give you more clarity about managing your time during your real test attempt.

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Critical Self Analysis

It is important to do self-analysis from time to time and review yourself. Afterward, check your scores, and you can compare them with the PTE score-guide to improve your performance accordingly.

Monitor your performance & Improve

After analysis, you need to check the areas where you are lacking and focus on improving those. Assess your results and let us know for any guidance which you need for improvement. Our expert PTE trainers who have a score of 90-90-90-90 in PTE will be happy to help you with all the required material.

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Good Luck with your PTE Academic Exam! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE PTE trial class. Leave a message with your name on WhatsApp on +61466466603, and we will get back to you!



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