(Big Announcement) PTE Academic Exam: New Trial Question Types 2024

Starting from December 11, 2023, until January 31, 2024, Pearson will be introducing one or two innovative question types in both the PTE Academic UKVI and PTE Academic assessments.

These experimental questions will be incorporated into the Speaking section, allowing Pearson to assess their efficacy for potential inclusion in the actual examination.

Similar to the existing questions in this section, the two fresh question types are designed to evaluate your oral communication skills. Although they will not impact your PTE score, it is advised that you respond to them to the best of your ability, as your input is valuable for Pearson’s ongoing research.

To learn more about these new question types and their response formats, refer to this informative post by PTE Magic.

Let’s delve into the specifics.

Overview of the Two Experimental Question Types

1. Respond To A Situation

This type of inquiry will provide you a daily scenario in an academic setting, given in both written and audio versions.. If you encounter difficulty understanding the audio, the written prompt is available for reference.

Following the prompt, you will be given 10 seconds for preparation, allowing you to formulate your response to the given scenario.

A beep will signal the commencement of the recording, and you will have 40 seconds to articulate your response into the microphone. It is advisable to comprehensively address the presented scenario.

2. Summarize Group Discussion

Three people are talking about a particular subject in this segment. You will have ten seconds after the debate to gather and arrange the knowledge you have received.

Upon hearing a beep, the microphone will activate, granting you 2 minutes to summarize the three-person discussion. Unlike the React to a Situation task, the discussion will not be available in written form. Therefore, attentive listening is crucial for an effective summary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These novel question formats are intended to more accurately assess test-takers’ English language competency. Pearson is conducting a trial to assess candidate responses and potentially refine the test accordingly.

These two question categories are exclusive to people taking the PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI in an official testing facility.The experiment will continue from December 11, 2023, until January 31, 2024.

No, the overall score will remain unaffected by these questions, as they are not scored. Candidate responses are collected for research purposes.

Although preparation is not mandatory for these question types, understanding their nature and how to respond is beneficial. While unscored, well-prepared answers contribute valuable data for Pearson’s test updates.

Pearson recommends treating these questions as authentic and responding to them to the best of your ability. They will not negatively impact your total score, allowing you to answer them naturally and confidently. Higher quality responses enhance the accuracy of PTE in reflecting your English proficiency.

To ensure natural responses, PTE does not flag these questions during the examination. Some test-takers may not distinguish them from other question types. There is no need to worry—respond to them as you would with other questions to maintain the test’s flow.

No, the two new question kinds have been added as a part of an experiment to back up Pearson’s PTE test research.

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