Process To Follow While Applying For Visa

Students applying for student VISA for Australia need to appear for English proficiency tests. Once you score required marks in these tests, then you apply for the student VISA for Australia. In this blog, we will be talking about the procedures for VISA that are to be done after you give these English proficiency exams and secure the required score.

1. Start Applying in Colleges of Australia

✅ Before applying for the VISA, you have to secure your seat in one of the colleges of Australia. Once you get selected in the college and your seat has been confirmed after you pay the tuition fees. Once all this is done, they will issue you a CoE, Confirmation of Enrollment. This document is required when you apply for the VISA.

2. Create an account with the Australian immigration authorities

✅ Before applying for VISA your news to create your account with Australian immigration Authorities at

✅ They will ask you to submit a few details like name, phone number and e-mail address and then you can create your account.

✅ Keep all your documents ready in a Digital Format.

3. To apply for student VISA following documents are required:

✅ CoE

✅ An OSHC health insurance

✅ Passport: It is a better option to have, which is valid through your entire stay in Australia. It is because then it is troublesome to exchange your passport in student visa

✅ Proof of temporary stay:

4. You might also require more documents depending on where you apply. Some standard documents that you will need are:

✅ Births certificate

✅ Financial stability statement

✅ PTE/IELTS score card

✅ Documentation of criminal offences if you have ever been convicted.

✅ You can get the complete list of documents here:

If you are applying online, you need to upload all your documents digitally. Make sure you are scaling the documents properly, and all the information in the document is visible.

5. Complete the VISA Application Process Online

✅ You are required to apply of student visa subclass 500. The application should be made 124 days before your course gets started. If you are applying online, you can read of the procedure here:

6. Pay the VISA Fees and get a TNR-number

✅ Once you have completed the application male sure you pay the VISA Fees at the earliest, which is 575 AUD. When the application and the payment is made, you will receive a TNR-number (Transaction Reference Number). Make sure you save this number as it will help you to check the process of your application.

7. Get Your Health Checkup/ Interview

✅ Depending on where you are studying and where you will be living, you are required to get a medical test done or to appear for an interview. Once you submit your application, this information will be passed on to you.

✅ Don’t get your health checkup done before completing your application process and you will require your TNR-number for this.

8. Receive your VISA Decision

✅ You are most likely to receive your VISA Decision in one or a couple of weeks after you complete your VISA application process. You can check the status of your VISA application by logging in to your account.

9. Fly to Australia.

✅ Once you get your VISA you can fly to Australia 90 days before your course starts. If your accommodation is been booked by your college,they are required to be infomed 7 days before you arrive there.

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