The Mistakes to avoid for getting a higher score in the PTE Speaking module

PTE speaking test is one of the hardest parts of the test for many test-takers. Especially, non-native speakers are quite reluctant while speaking and this situation is quite normal in PTE.

So, below are the common mistakes which you must avoid to improve your scores drastically. The more you practice, the more you can be cautious about these mistakes, so you can easily avoid them in the real exam scenario.

✅ Always best to Test your Microphone before starting.

Before diving into the test’s main details, the most important thing is to ensure that your microphone works properly. Pearson allows test takers to check their recorded voice. Hence, if you come across any technical issues, ask your examiner for the change of headset immediately, and lodge an incident report.

Pro Tip: Never take an exam with faulty microphones – so test them first and then speak your test confidently.

✅ Avoid Speaking too fast, and practice with your natural flow.

For PTE, Oral Fluency and Pronunciation are the two important elements that are assessed in your recorded speech. So, we would always suggest you speak in your natural tone and speed. When you speak too fast, this will only sound unnatural, and the best thing you can do while practicing is record yourself and create your own pace of speaking so that you can avoid speed problems during the real test.

Gentle Reminder: Take a deep breath and just slow it down a bit.

✅ Focusing on the Wrong Tasks more.

This is one of the most overlooked mistakes, and students often lack in prioritizing their time. Repeat Sentence is one of the hardest and high-scoring tasks at the same time. You must make sure that you prioritize this task of Repeat Sentence and try to get all the sentences right in your real test.

✅ Focus on your exam irrespective of the background noise

 It is quite normal to feel nervous and anxious when everyone next to you sitting in the exam hall is speaking aloud. But you have to constantly remind yourself that you don’t need to shout and continue with the same pace and tone of your voice. Speaking loud might actually impact your voice’s quality, and that will definitely drag down your scores.

✅ Must practice with a mask

Because of COVID restrictions, Pearson has made masks compulsory, and based on the recent experiences, we have recorded the major problem students have regarding the speech delivery with the masks on. So, it’s always better to wear and practice speaking with masks before you appear for the real exam. With constant practice, you will be more clear and confident during the speaking test.

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