How Long Does The PTE Exam Last and How Long is it Valid in Australia?

Around two hours

PTE exam can be completed in as little as two hours without a break. The test will be over in about 2 hours if one PTE candidate receives the fewest questions on each test topic. The PTE test may take up to 3 hours and 15 minutes if a candidate receives the highest number of questions on each test topic.

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What is the PTE Academic’s validity period? Validity of the PTE Academic 2023 Exam

PTE Academic test results are still valid for up to two years after the test date.

The PTE score automatically disappears from the website once two years have passed, making it invisible. Additionally, it is valid so long as no visa prohibits it.

Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand are countries where PTE results are frequently valid.

Despite the fact that your real PTE score record only shows a validity period of two years, the PTE Academic Score record is valid for three years for Australian immigration purposes. We are aware of the confusion. However, things are exactly as they are.

The PTE Academic internal operations team has been preparing a solution to extend the validity period during which test takers can review and allocate their scores.

PTE Academic exam-takers can now access and assign their test results up to three years after the test date.

The Department may get in touch with PTE Academic’s support staff if a test taker took their exam more than two years ago and requests that the result get manually confirmed.

In conclusion, if you’re submitting an application for Australian immigration, your PTE score report is valid for 3 years. If it just appears on the score report for the last two years, don’t be concerned.

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