Reasons to Take Up the PTE Exam in 2021

The Pearson Test of English, more commonly known as the PTE, is a test conducted to assess the skills and knowledge of non-native speakers of the English language. It is one of the most famous English language tests undertaken by various kinds of people for a wide variety of reasons. The PTE test can be of two kinds; PTE Academic and PTE General.

However, PTE is usually considered one of the harder tests compared to others in the field. Hence, many people avoid taking the PTE as they believe it requires a lot more practice, and only those who are fluent in English can get a high score.

In this article, we will discuss 6 reasons why you should be thinking about taking the PTE next time when you are requiring an English language test certification.

Worldwide recognition

Since the time that PTE was first introduced, back in 2009, it was already widely accepted by over 6000 organizations around the world. The list of institutions that accepted a PTE test as a valid form of English language certification includes well-known universities like Yale University, Stanford University Graduate School, and Harvard Business School in the US, and Oxford University and London Business School in the UK.

Nowadays, PTE is the number one choice for a student visa and PR applications for many countries, some major ones being UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It has become a huge part of the migration to these countries recently.

The biggest reason to take the PTE test is for migration purposes to Australia. A successful PTE result can give you up to 20 points for your PR application.

Automated machine scoring pattern

The PTE test is a unique test in a sense because it has absolutely no human involvement in the examination process of the test. This means that you are completely evaluated by a computer. It uses world-class AI systems to score the candidates. This increases the accuracy and objectivity of the test, ensuring that there will be no bias and mistakes on the part of the examiner.

The test has either a correct answer or an incorrect answer, and that can be beneficial to many in a lot of ways as it improves fairness in the actual test but also makes practicing for the test a lot easier for the test taker.

For the IELTS, you have to go to a specific representative who will listen to your speaking abilities and fluency and will give you a score based on their judgement. This judgement is based on specific criteria, but it still isn’t a completely objective assessment.

PTE eliminates this small doubt and instead requires you to input your audio using a headset into the AI system which will then judge you accurately based on what you have entered.

Taking the PTE is a good idea for those who are comfortable using a computer, because good typing skills will give you an advantage in this test. For the writing, reading and listening section, you will be required to type in your answers.

Speedy score delivery

If you need your test results for an English Language test very urgently, the PTE test is definitely the one you want to take. They are known to provide scores very quickly after the test has been taken. The official time frame given to test takers is within five business days since the test date; however, there have been many people who have confirmed that they have gotten their results in less than 2 days.

Your total time from the time you register for the test, give the exam and receive your scores is actually significantly lower than other such kinds of test, which is why a lot of people prefer taking the PTE.

 PTE test availability

Wherever you are in the world, there is a good chance that there is a PTE test venue near you. Th PTE test is conducted in more than 200 locations all around the world and nearly every day of the year has tests going on. So, there is no lack of availability for anyone who wants to take the test.

This makes it easier and more comfortable to many students who might find it difficult to travel far or wait very long to take an English language test. PTE test takers can comfortably take the exam at their own time and place.

Unique speaking test format

As mentioned in the above points, the PTE test is completely a computer-based test with no involvement of humans in the assessment of the test taker. Hence, the PTE needs an innovative way to conduct the speaking section of the test, as all other tests require a human inspector to be involved. In the PTE, students will either read or listen to the questions at hand and deliver their response in the form of a recording. The student’s voices will be analysed by the AI component of the system to evaluate whether what they said is correct or incorrect. This kind of a unique testing environment can be stress-free and more comfortable for many students, who can be daunted by the presence of an evaluator. It can help improve their score as it eliminates that kind of stress for the student and they can just focus on what they’re saying.

Prepare at home

The PTE test is so widely known and occurring that the preparation of it can be done even at home. It is a language test so it can be very difficult for people who are unfamiliar with the language to study it. However, with the number of practise material that is available for free, including prediction files, practice questions and mock tests, it is possible to prepare for the test at home.

Focus on the 3 sections and do practice questions for each section well. Get familiar with the format of the test and do mock tests. This can help you get a good score for the PTE.

There are many websites that provide free online resources to prepare for the PTE exam. You can find many such helpful material on our website as well, and find up to date weekly prediction files that have questions that have been repeated on PTE tests a lot.

Although it is possible to study for the PTE at home and get a good score, if you really want to ensure that you will get the score you desire and have an easier & more structured journey up until your test, then you should have a look at our coaching services.

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