Things to do 2 weeks before your PTE test!

The last 2 weeks (and especially the last week) before your PTE test can be quite stressful due to many reasons!

In this blog, our trainers will be sharing their top secrets which all the students must need to know before they attend their PTE examination.

Attempt a free mock test and assess your skill level.
Even if you have prepared different types of PTE questions, our PTE experts always recommend you to attempt a free mock test in order to assess yourself. Don’t just go and attempt the real test. You have to understand your performance level along with your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s time to work on your weak points.

As then, you will be aware of your level and skills, don’t just keep practicing random questions. Our PTE experts always recommend that after you know where you stand, and for that, you must work on your weaknesses. And start practicing particularly on your weak points. Make a realistic study plan that must provide you enough time and complete your needs and improve your skills before your final exam day.
Reassess yourself by practicing tasks like essay writing, summary writing and getting it checked from a PTE tutor or from someone who has a better English level than you.

You can also type your answers in Notepad and check your answers using free tools like

Once you know your weaknesses and you have already done enough practice on your weak areas, you must attempt a mock test again. That will enable you to correct your mistakes before your final test. Also, you can contact our PTE experts at A One Australia Education Group and they can provide you guidance on that. Once you are familiar with your mistakes and improvements, it is the time to reattempt for your exam.
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All the best with your test!

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