How to grab easy 30 visa points by doing PTE OR IELTS, NAATI and Professional year programmes?

Migrating and settling in Australia has never been easy because of quite hard immigration rules and sudden changes in the point system. This country has set a point system that provides people chances to apply for migration and successfully settle in this vibrant country. Hence, it is essential to understand this point system before applying, and we assure you that after reading this article, you can easily grab the 30 visa points and improve your chances of permanent residency. This blog aims to help you get all the required information so that you can target the 30 visa points by doing PY, PTE academic, and NAATI CCL. Mainly, the PY is the Professional year program, a job-ready program that offers recent graduates an opportunity to land up an Australian internship. The main condition of getting enrolled in this is that the student must hold a skilled – Recognised Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 476).

Basically, the Professional year program is mainly designed to grab easier 5 points to help international students and help them start their professional career path smoothly, equivalent to the Australian skills requirement. The total duration of this program is of 10 months, which also includes the 3 month internship. This Internship will also be very beneficial to gain the required skills and professional work experience in their own field, hence helping students make connections and enter into the Australian workforce. The main fields included in this program are: Information Technology, Accounting or Engineering areas. As students can improve their chances of employment in these three mentioned disciplines and attain technical skills in the Australian workplace and culture through this structured professional development curriculum. We believe the key features of the PY for any student is.

Integrate learning and practice work experience.
Facilitates the business communication skills according to Australian workplace culture.
Practical Internship for preparing students for a job-ready and makes them familiar with work ethics in the Australian workforce.


Duration of Professional year programme:

This course’s total duration is 44 weeks, which includes a 12-week internship which the institute provides as a placement in the relevant company based on your field. The curriculum of the programme includes business communication and training skills according to the Australian workforce environment. It will also include a 12-week internship as discussed above.


Benefits of PYP

This program aims to develop the essential skills among international graduates within their field of study so that they can become job-ready for the Australian job market.
It will give students a hands-on internship experience and provide you with possible chances of getting hired by the host company.
This program provides a benefit of networking with professionals who are currently working in this field
Most importantly this program provides extra 5 points for for VISA


Documents required for the application of Professional Year Program

Application form of required institute
Certified proof such as Passport
CV/Resume, or English language proficiency scorecards such as PTE and IELTS
Visa status certified copy
Certified academic documents


Eligibility Criteria For PYP

Candidate should have graduate degree in- Accounting, IT or Engineering
Applicant should have an overall 6 bands for Post Study Work Stream 485
The candidate should be less than the age of 50 years
Must have the skills Assessment if required


There are different recognized institutes over Australia which provide Professional year programs. So, now the main question that comes into every student’s mind is how to choose the right institute for their PY course.
For that, you can freely contact Malcolm on + 61 466-466-603 for any kind of professional advice, and we will help you to find the best institute with the best deal.

Another 20 points you can grab, achieving a band score of 8 in PTE. Mainly, the Pearson Test of English is an English language proficiency test designed especially for non-native speakers. This test mainly assesses your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. It is a computer-based examination and comprises four major tasks or sections: speaking and writing, listening, and reading.

On the other hand, if students find difficulty with PTE or feel more familiar with IELTS. Then, there is good news as Australian immigration gives students a choice to sit for PTE or IELTS, and both of the examination points will be considered for immigration purposes. Hence, students can choose according to your suitability. The IELTS examination is becoming more popular with the maximum number of test centers among Australia and IELTS is considered a multi-level examination that can score your English skills between 1 to 9 band score depending upon your responses. For IELTS general and academic, the band scores are quite different for a few modules on the basis of which IELTS do marking. The pro tip is students must understand the marking criteria properly for different modules in order to achieve a higher band score.

We provide detailed and in-depth IELTS and PTE coaching courses if you are looking for assistance before your exam. People find it easier to get coaching as it makes the process easier and you can ensure getting a good grade in the first attempt. Check out our IELTS course here: Check out our PTE course here:

Last but not the least, for your last 5 points, you must appear for the NAATI CCL. Basically, Credential Community Language, widely known as CCL is another popular exam conducted by the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters). This exam straight away gives you additional 5 points in PR application by just testing your own native language. Furthermore, this professional year program is an easy way to grab those 5 points for the IT students, as they can do this course, satisfy their skill assessment, and find a job using this work experience.

We suggest you all complete your Professional year or the job read the program, IELTS or PTE for English proficiency, and the NAATI exam as soon as possible to improve your chances of immigration in Australia. You must start your Professional year program as soon as your study finishes, don’t wait and waste your time. Also, we suggest you sit for your NAATI and English proficiency exams within the professional year and achieve your targeted score. We hope that this blog will help you clarify all your doubts and provide detailed information about grabbing 30 visa points asap. You can also come and inquire with our professionals who will assist you with a Permanent Residency points plan!


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