Your Complete PTE Test Format Breakdown (2024 Updated)

Your Complete PTE Test Format Breakdown (2023 Updated)

Overview of the PTE Exam Pattern 2024

Preparing for success in the PTE exam? Here’s what you need to know: The PTE exam is a computer-based assessment lasting two hours, conducted in a secure test center environment. This examination comprises four distinct sections, each designed to evaluate different language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Within these sections, you will encounter a total of 20 unique questions. The speaking and writing components together require approximately 54–67 minutes, while the reading section lasts around 29–30 minutes, and the listening portion ranges from 30–43 minutes.

Your performance on the PTE exam is graded on a scale from 10 to 90. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly to tackle the challenges and demonstrate your proficiency in various linguistic aspects. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the PTE exam pattern.

PTE Test Format 2024

A One Australia presents a digital assessment to evaluate your reading, speaking, listening, and writing abilities. The test session lasts for two hours and enables a thorough assessment of your answers, aiding in recognizing flaws and improving for the Final Exam.

When you arrive at the secure Pearson testing location to take the PTE, you will be handed a computer and a headset. The Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening components make up the PTE-Academic Exam. Speaking and writing modules are taught together, whereas listening and reading are taught separately. The test comprises twenty question types across all four formats, including multiple-choice questions, essay writing, sentence reading, and selecting the correct answers. Also, the test is non-stop (approximately 2 hours and comprising 50-55 questions all together).

The PTE test reflects real-life academic and general content, incorporating graphs, summaries, excerpts, and various other materials related to your surroundings. The test also encompasses both native and non-native accents, mirroring the language heard in movies, TV shows, and everyday conversations.

Thinking about studying abroad? Before you embark on that adventure, you’ll need to prove your English skills. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is the tool for the job. It evaluates your reading, speaking, listening, and writing abilities in English. Recognized by over 3000 institutions worldwide, including hotspots like Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, the PTE is known for its effectiveness and speedy results.

Today, let’s get into the nitty-gritty – the PTE exam format 2024, your ticket to international education opportunities. This computer-based test has three sections: Reading, Listening, and Speaking & Writing. If you’re considering taking the PTE academic test for your studies abroad, this blog will be your go-to resource. We’ll break down the specifics of the PTE exam pattern and syllabus, offering useful preparation tips.

PTE Exam Pattern & Structure 2024

When preparing for studying overseas, it becomes necessary to exhibit English language test scores to validate your linguistic proficiency. These scores assure educational institutions that you possess the capability to pursue courses conducted in English. The Pearson Test of English- Academic (PTE), one of the several exams offered, assesses applicants’ reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.

The purpose of the PTE exam pattern is to assess if applicants can thrive in international academic settings. Students’ abilities to comprehend, read, listen, speak, and write in English when immersed in a foreign environment are shown through their PTE results. The PTE exam structure has three major sections: Reading, Listening, and Speaking & Writing, same like other English proficiency tests.

PTE Exam Syllabus

The PTE Exam Syllabus covers various academic English topics. It assesses your ability to comprehend, interpret, and apply academic vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures effectively in academic settings. The syllabus includes the following key areas:

  • Reading and writing academic texts
  • Listening to academic lectures and discussions
  • Writing summaries and essays
  • Understanding academic vocabulary
  • Using grammar and syntax confidently
  • Comprehending idiomatic expressions

Mastering these topics is essential for demonstrating your proficiency in academic English. The exam evaluates how well you can interact and communicate within academic environments.

Types of PTE Tests and Their Uses

Different categories of PTE tests serve specific purposes. These include PTE Academic and UK Government Tests, formerly referred to as PTE General. PTE Academic is commonly taken by individuals for academic intentions and holds substantial recognition in English-speaking countries like Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Furthermore, individuals seeking employment or immigration visas from the Australian and New Zealand governments are also required to complete this particular examination.

PTE Exam Pattern, Format, and Vital Aspects 2024

The PTE exam format is the same in all nations that accept PTE results, albeit the cutoff scores may vary. Consult the provided table to have a thorough idea of the PTE exam structure. 

PTE Exam Structure: Section-wise details 

Speaking & Writing

The PTE exam follows a specific format, which is structured into three sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. The Speaking and Writing section evaluates the speaking and writing proficiencies of examinees. It necessitates 77 to 93 minutes and encompasses six parts. 

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The Reading section assesses candidates’ ability to comprehend instructions. It consists of five segments, with a recommended completion time of 32-40 minutes. 


The Listening section, lasting 45-57 minutes, tests candidates’ aptitude to comprehend spoken English. Students should attentively listen to audio materials and retain the information conveyed. This section comprises eight sub-segments. A detailed overview of the PTE exam pattern and format can be found in the provided table.

PTE Academic Exam Pattern and Format 2024

Similar to other language proficiency exams, the PTE Academic assesses students’ speaking, listening, writing, and reading abilities.

The following table provides a detailed explanation of the PTE Academic exam format:

The PTE Exam Result 

Typically, individuals require approximately two hours to complete the PTE Academic exam. Upon completing the test, candidates receive their PTE exam results. It is essential to note that PTE exam scores are valid for two years, similar to TOEFL and IELTS. Additionally, candidates can send their PTE exam marks to an unlimited number of colleges and universities.

Now that you possess a comprehensive understanding of the PTE exam pattern and its key components, you can relinquish your concerns and commence your test preparation. Remember that PTE exam scores remain valid for two years, offering you ample time to explore various academic opportunities without any limitations on score submissions.

PTE Exam Pattern 2024 FAQs

The Reading Section, the Listening Section, and the Speaking and Writing Section are the three primary sections of the PTE Academic exam pattern that focus on evaluating language proficiency. Detailed information about the PTE Academic exam pattern can be found above.

Scores for the PTE Academic Exam are given on a scale from 10 to 90, with 1 point increments. The result shows a person’s proficiency with the English language in terms of reading, speaking, understanding verbal directions, and writing.

The PTE Academic exam should be prepared for by applicants before they choose a test time. Therefore, individuals who have previously taken the PTE Academic exam or those who are well-prepared can utilize the one-month period for revision and take the test. However, others may require a more extensive duration to adequately prepare for the exam.

No, candidates should be aware that the exam is designed to assess their proficiency in the English language. Therefore, a well-prepared candidate can successfully pass the PTE Academic exam.

Certainly, candidates can prepare for the PTE Academic exams on their own using authentic study materials available on the official PTE website. It is strongly advised to use reputable resources for study materials, such as our preparation manual or the official PTE website.

Depending on the location you have been, there are different prices for PTE Academic coaching.The official PTE website provides the latest information on online and offline preparatory materials.

Without a doubt, individuals who decide to take the PTE Academic test independently can earn passing scores or even higher with extensive preparation and the use of reliable resources like the official PTE website or our study guide.

The PTE Academic test can be easily passed by a candidate who is familiar with the PTE syllabus and has rigorously studied for the examination with commitment and zeal.

There is no universal definition of a good PTE Academic score. Scores must be at or above the specified threshold, which is established by each university separately. It is important to note that higher scores enhance the likelihood of securing a seat at a university and position the candidate favorably for any scholarships offered by the institution.

This ultimately depends on the policies of the respective organization. Universities and colleges may provide scholarships and grants to deserving candidates, and PTE Academic scores can play a significant role in obtaining such financial support.

Cutoff PTE scores differ between Australian universities. For detailed information on this subject, candidates can consult the PTE score requirements for well-known Australian universities.

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