Re-tell Lecture-PTE Speaking

In the re-tell lecture PTE task, after you listen to or watch a lecture, you must re-tell the lecture. However, you must not repeat the exact lecture, you have to re-tell it in your own words. You will get 40 seconds to watch or listen to a lecture and then you must provide your response.


  • Speak clearly in your normal tone.
  • Say your entire response before the progress bar is completed. 
  • You can only record your response once, so be as accurate as you can. 

Re-tell lecture tips and strategies to follow

  • In order to make sure you don’t miss the initial start of the recording, remember to start speaking in the first 3 seconds of your total allotted time. Use the time before the recording start to check your notes and get ready to start your response. 
  • Do not speak too fast that you lose your fluency and clarity. However, if you speak too slow then you might run out of time, so speaking naturally is key. Practicing PTE re-tell lecture templates could help you practice your pace and fluency. 
  • Stress words that require emphasis and pause whenever the sentence ends. Listen to the lecture carefully to remember the tones and pauses as much as possible. Keep speaking without any hesitation even if you make a mistake. Stopping will only make you lose time.
  • When taking notes for the lecture, write as little as three words per line so you don’t get confused due of sloppy handwriting when your giving your response.
  • You should not be re-telling the exact lecture, but remember to use around 25-30 words from the real recording to make sure you don’t go off track in your response.


Re-tell lecture scores are based on 3 factors:


  • The accuracy and thoroughness with which you express the context, characters, elements, actions, and developments provided in the lecture determines your content score.
  • The best response you can offer is to include all the main ideas of the lecture and include potential outcomes, conclusions and consequences. If you do not connect all the ideas you speak about, then it could lead to a lower score.

Oral fluency: 

  • Your response must be smooth, fluent and natural. 
  • Your tone, rhythm, accuracy, pauses and stresses are going to determine your score on this standard. 


  • Your speech must be similar to the natural way English speakers sound. 
  • Pronunciation scores will be determined by observing if what you’re saying will be understood by the majority of the regular English speakers.


  • No credit is granted for no response or a response that is irrelevant. Listening, speaking, oral fluency, and pronunciation are all scored differently depending on the response.
  • Your writing and reading skills are not tested by this question type.

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