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In the PTE Describe Image task, you will see an image appear on the screen in front of you. You must describe this image as accurately as you can. You will be given 25 seconds to get ready to give your response. Then, you will hear a short tone. One that tone ends; you must start speaking straightaway. Your voice will not be recorded if you begin speaking before the microphone has opened.


  • Speak clearly in your normal tone.
  • Say your entire response before the progress bar is completed. 
  • You can only record your response once, so be as accurate as you can. 

Strategies and tips for describe image

  • Look for the main information that the image has. No matter what kind of image it is, it will have a main idea that you need to focus on. Note that down along with all details you can see that relate to that main idea. Organize all the things you write down into a clear structure that is a good description of what you are seeing. Your score depends on how well you can organize all the different details you see. The preparation time becomes very valuable in this task for this reason.
  • Pauses, hesitation and any kind of fumbling when giving a response can lead to reduction in scores. Be accurate in your pronunciation of the words and try to sound as natural as you can. 
  • Colours, shapes, graphs and numbers that you see on the image must be clearly studied while preparing so you can create an organized response that you can give with little to no errors. 
  • Use Describe Image templates that are available to practice so you can make sure you aren’t facing something unknown when you sit for the exam. 


Describe Image scores are based on 3 factors:


  • The content of your response is graded by judging if all aspects and elements of the image have been addressed. Your interpretation of relationships, potential developments, and inferences or consequences based on image details is also graded.
  • The best answer you can offer should include all parts of the image, contain specific instances of the image and include potential outcomes, conclusions and consequences. If you do not connect all your ideas, it could lead to a lower score. 

2. Oral fluency: 

  • Your response must be smooth, fluent and natural. 
  • Your tone, rhythm, accuracy, pauses and stresses are going to determine your score on this standard. 

3. Pronunciation: 

  • Your speech must be similar to the natural way English speakers sound. 
  • Pronunciation scores will be determined by observing if what you’re saying will be understood by majority of the regular English speakers.


  • No credit is granted for no response or a response that is irrelevant. Listening, speaking, oral fluency, and pronunciation are all scored differently depending on the response.
  • Your listening skills, writing, and reading skills are not being graded in this question. 

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