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For the PTE Speaking Read Aloud task, you will be given a text that you must read aloud exactly. You will be shown a countdown until you microphone switches on and that is your cue to start speaking. You will be given 30 to 40 seconds to give your response. Get ready and start preparing your answer during this time. Then, you will hear a short tone. One that tone ends; you must start speaking straightaway. 

This task is part of the Reading and Speaking section of your PTE Academic test which scores you on both your reading and speaking ability.


  • Speak clearly in your normal tone.
  • Say your entire response before the progress bar is completed. 
  • You can only record your response once, so be as accurate as you can. 


    • Pauses are very important to remember between sentences. Use the full stops in the sentences as an indicator for the need to pause. 
    • In your preparation time, try to separate the text into smaller chunks. When you start speaking, focus on these smaller chunks and use the full stops as a sign that you need to add pauses there. Reading a sentence after another is a better approach than taking it as a whole paragraph.
  • Adding stress or emphasis to certain keywords is important. 
  • You must start speaking within the first 3 seconds of your entire allotted time. 
  • Practice PTE Read Aloud questions on a day to day basis a few weeks before the exam. Do around 20 questions per day.


Read Aloud scores are based on 3 factors:


  • Your response must include all the words in the text and must not include any additional words.
  • You get points for every correct word in your response. If you miss a word, change a word or add new words, it will reduce your score.

2.Oral fluency: 

  • Your response must be smooth, fluent and natural. 
  • Your tone, rhythm, accuracy, pauses and stresses are going to determine your score on this standard. 


  • Your speech must be similar to the natural way English speakers sound. 
  • Pronunciation scores will be determined by observing if what you’re saying will be understood by the majority of the regular English speakers.

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