Five facts about the NAATI CCL test

Credential Community Language, widely known as NAATI CCL, is a popular exam conducted by the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters). This exam straight away gives you additional 5 points in your PR application by testing you on your own language.

Here we are discussing five major facts about NAATI CCL you must go through before your test.

✅ NAATI Test Format

The NAATI test format is quite simple, and it has two main dialogues where you need to act like an interpreter. Initially, a recording is played by the test officer, and each dialogue has sub-segments in which a chime is heard 5 seconds after the segment ends. After that, candidates need to speak, and then the test officer will record their response. 

✅ NAATI Test Time

The total duration of the test is approximately 20 minutes. Each dialogue is about 300 words and divided into sub-segments which are 35 words per segment. Normally, NAATI takes 8 to 10 weeks to share your result through an email.

✅ Online Test Enviroment

Because of COVID-19, the exam is being conducted online on the MS Teams platform by authorities, and you need to make sure that you must have a strong internet connection as during the whole exam, your audio and video is being recorded for the assessment.

✅ Dialogue Scenarios

NAATI CCL test dialogues are completely based on real-life events. Mainly, the key topics are related to business, employment, customer service, insurance, social services, legal, education and lastly, medical and health services.

✅ Marking Guide for NAATI CCL

Before sitting in the exam, it is highly important to understand the NAATI marking criteria as only then will you be able to get your score in the first go. You are going to be assessed based on the delivery in two dialogues, which are 45 marks each. The minimum passing marks for each dialogue is 29 marks, and overall, you need a total score of 63 or higher out of 90.

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