Write from Dictation-PTE Listening

For this task, you will hear a sentence in the form of a recording. You must simply write down/type this sentence exactly as you heard it. 

You can only hear the audio or the sentence one time. 


How do you respond to this task?

  • Write from Dictation is a high scoring task so you must focus on the recording very well. 
  • Try to memorize exactly what you hear and type all the words in the sentence in the box. 
  • The recording is only of a single sentence, so if you pay attention, you will most likely remember all the words being said. If you cannot recall a word or two, you can still make out the overall sentence after applying certain English grammar and language rules. 
  • Do not type directly on the screen, instead write down what you hear on your erasable board first. Once you have written down all the words you hear, then create a logical sentence and submit that as your response. 
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuations are extremely important in this task, so after you have typed down a sentence you are confident with, double check your spellings, whether the sentence makes grammatical sense and if your commas, question marks and full stops are placed correctly. 
  • Prior to the exam, make sure to practice Write from Dictation PTE questions daily. 


Your ability to listen and recall a statement and then write it exactly as you hear it, including accurate spelling, is your response for Write from Dictation. The main factor determining you score in Write from Dictation task is the content. If your response includes all the words in the recording and does not include any additional incorrect words, then you will receive a good score. Spelling and grammar need to be correct as well to get the maximum score.


  • This task only scores you based on listening and writing; your reading and speaking scores are not affected by this task. 

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