Summarize Spoken Text-PTE Listening

You will hear a recording that is around a minute or two long, you have to listen to it and write a short summary of it in around 50 to 70 words. This summary must be one sentence. You will be given 10 minutes to write your summary in the PTE Summarize Spoken Text task

The word counter at the bottom of the screen keeps track of how many words you’ve typed. You can also use the cut, copy, and paste options to help you create your summary.




  • It is important that you give your response exactly in the structure that is required. Your response must be just a single sentence. Keep an eye on the word count as your response should not go beyond 75 words.
  • Write down all the main points as well as the points that you think are supporting statements but are still important.  
  • Use summarize spoken text templates available online to practice your writing skills, so you will be prepared for when you actually have to write in the exam. Also, look at summarize spoken text samples of responses that have previously scored well on the PTE, and try to practice writing like that. 
  • Spellings, grammar and plurals matter a lot in the sentence so make sure to make it as accurate as possible.
  • You will need to use a complex and compound sentence structures so that you can accurately summarize the passage’s main meaning and also add in any highlighted supporting details. 


 1. Content:

  • Responses will be graded by analysing whether all of the essential ideas in the recording have been addressed without changing the aim or topic.
  • If what you provide as a response represents the topic incorrectly, you will lose all points for the summary. 
  • The best summary will be able to highlight the most important part of the recording and also include any supporting details that are mentioned. 

2. Form:

  • You will receive no points if your response is under the minimum of 50 words or beyond the maximum of 75 words. 
  • Any response that is less than 50 words or greater than 75 words will lead to point deductions. 
  • Any response that is less than 40 words or greater than 100 words will lead to a score of zero.

3. Grammar:

  • Grammar is graded by analysing if the sentence’s basic structure is correct. A major clause as well as a subordinate clause are generally seen in the best responses.


  • Vocabulary is scored if it is considered to be relevant and appropriate to the recording’s content. 

  5. Spelling:

  • English spellings from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are recognised by PTE Academic. In a particular response, however, one spelling convention should be utilised consistently.

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