How To Get Your IELTS TRF Number Online: What Does TRF Represent In The IELTS?

The International English Language Screening System (IELTS) is a standard English language efficiency examination for non-native speakers. Schools as well as employers approve it internationally to assess the English language skills of pupils and also staff members. IELTS examination takers obtain a TRF after taking part in the examination. what does TRF mean in the IELTS? TRF stands for Test Record Form. It is a copy of a candidate’s IELTS score and works like a mark sheet. A TRF brings the IELTS bands scored in the analysis, composing, speaking, and also listening areas of the examination. It stands for two years and also is shown to educational institutions as well as employers in English-speaking countries to inspect the English skills of prospects.

The IELTS examination is conducted both online as well as offline. On the thirteenth day following the exam, candidates who took the IELTS test on paper receive their TRFs. However, candidates for computer-based tests get their TRFs three to five days after the test. Students can gather the TRF from IDP’s IELTS offices after creating the identification evidence they made use of for enrollment.

Test takers typically get one copy of the TRF, and they can get two copies for either the United Kingdom Boundary Agency or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (UKBA).They can additionally verify their TRF by utilizing the on the internet confirmation solution of the IELTS. They will certainly require an Examination Report Kind (TRF) Number.

What is the IELTS TRF number, and where can I find it exactly? It is a 15–18 digit number that is presented in the bottom right corner of the TRF website.

Example of IELTS TRF

Given that TRF is a very important document, it is essential to keep it safely. By using the IELTS report type verification service, the establishment can examine the candidates’ IELTS report forms. The candidates’ IELTS examination report type numbers, which are available in the bottom right corner of the form, will be needed. Additionally, pupils should be cognizant of the reality that IELTS recommendation numbers and also test report kind numbers are not similar.

A sample of IELTS TRF is shown in the image below. It encapsulates the adhering to information:

✅ Prospect Information: name, date of birth, as well as gender

✅ IELTS test facility numbers

✅ Examination Outcomes: listening, reading, talking, and also writing, as well as additionally the general IELTS rating

✅ IELTS test record form number


IELTS Test Record Type (TRF) Verification

As part of the evaluation, all IELTS records are validated with the help of the on the internet IELTS Examination Report Kind (TRF) Verification website. Access to this website has actually made it possible for organizations/ institutes to guarantee that they get authentic IELTS results. Additionally, access to the IELTS TRF verification solution is only available to IELTS Recognizing Organizations.


ATRF, or Additional Test Record Form

The first five digital Additional Test Record Kinds (ATRF) are processed for free and also can be asked for within a month from the test date. Prospects will certainly be billed a management cost of Rs 250 for any kind of extra TRF reporting per college/university after the initial five. The TRFs can be sent to schools discussed in the application via email, routine postage, messenger solutions, or overseas shipping. You would need to bear surcharges for courier solutions as well as overseas postage.


How Should I Send My TRF to Institutions?

Within one month following the test day, test takers may request five TRF positions at colleges and institutions. Entry of the TRFs to recognized companies is taken care of by the coordinators of the IELTS assessment. They are sent to the academic institutions listed in the application by email, regular mail, courier, or international postage. Prospects can make an application for digital rating reporting to a maximum of 5 colleges in a day. An additional price of Rs 250 per institute will undoubtedly be charged to trainees who receive more than five TRF reports.

However, initial duplicates of TRFs are not necessary for international schools or businesses that have taken the IELTS test.

They get online access to TRF. You can also get the TRF online by logging into your registration account, but you must be aware of what the IELTS TRF number is and where to find it. It is the 15–18 digit number mentioned in the TRF record’s lower right corner.


How Can One Track IELTS TRF?

On the thirteenth day after the exam, applicants who registered for the paper-based IELTS test receive the TRF along with their IELTS score. On the other hand, prospects for the computer-based test obtain their IELTS score 3 to 5 days after the examination. After the results are announced, they can verify their IELTS TRF online, by text, by mail, or in person at a centre. To obtain games from the testing centre, they must present the identifying documentation that was used upon enrolling.

To sum up, the colleges and universities included on your IELTS application receive the TRF or a duplicate of your IELTS results. While routine postage is totally free, you might need to pay added fees for messenger solutions or overseas shipping. You can request added TRFs in addition to the initial five reports. For additional TRFs, you might have to pay an extra administrative fee. Nevertheless, global schools or employers signed up for IELTS do not call for initial duplicates of TRFs. They can access your TRF online.


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