How To Extend Tourist Visa – Australia

If your plans have altered and also you wish to stay in Australia longer than you initially assumed, you may be questioning the possibility of an Australian visa extension.

Overstaying your visa is not a sensible alternative as well as it’s suggested that you do everything you can to prevent it. If you remain after your visa has ended, you will end up being an unlawful non-citizen. Illegal non-citizens may deal with detention and deportation as well as may be banned from requesting an Australian visa in the future.

Know how to Extend Your Australian Visa: Steps to Take

There are certainly alternatives for travelers that look for a legal Australian visa renewal. Obviously, various visas will need various procedures. This short article consists of useful details for non-citizens desiring to extend their stay in Australia.

Check Your Visa Conditions

Before anything else, tourists must gather precise and also comprehensive information about their existing visa. Inquiries that require to be answered include:

When exactly will my visa run out?

What are my Australian visa conditions?

Are there conditions in my visa that forbid me to apply for a new visa?

The standing and conditions of lots of visas can be easily inspected online. If you wish to inspect your status to get an Australia ETA extension or an Australian e-Visitor extension, as an example, you can do so via the purposely developed portals– VEVO (Visa Entitlement Confirmation Online system) and the Inspect an ETA service respectively.

In case your visa includes a problem stating that more stay is prohibited to you, then you’ll be required to leave the nation prior to your visa expiration day. You can obtain a brand-new visa when you’re abroad, but you can not prolong your existing visa.

Study Your Visa Options

When you have actually established that you’re enabled to obtain various other visas while in Australia, you can discover your alternatives and send a visa application before your current permit expires.

Some visas can function as paths for other visas. This implies that your present visa might open opportunities that individuals currently outside Australia don’t have accessibility to and also might even be a need for your next visa.

If that’s not the case, you can research all visas offered to you in order to see which ones permit you to stay for the time you require which you can fulfill all the requirements.

If you apply for a brand-new visa before your existing one ends, you will more than likely be provided a connecting visa A. A linking visa is a short-term visa that permits you to stay in Australia while a choice is being made concerning your brand-new application.

It’s important that you don’t leave Australia while on a bridging visa A. The connecting visa will cease the moment you leave and you won’t be able to return without a brand-new visa. In case you require to leave, you can obtain a bridging visa B that will certainly permit you to return to Australia.

What to Do if Your Australian Visa Has Expired

The choices available to those who overstay their visa are very limited as they have damaged their visa conditions and also the Australian immigration policies. The Australian federal government expects tourists to leave prior to their visa ends and considers overstayers as illegal non-citizens.

If you have actually remained in Australia after the expiration of your visa, it’s extremely not likely that you will be given a linking visa or that your run out visa will be prolonged. Your ideal choice is to leave Australia immediately to comply with your visa regulations and must you wish to return, explore your options from abroad. Your Consular office needs to be able to assist in case you require legal or monetary aid.

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